What is Technical Club?

It's a great project organized by our technical segment. Several sessions are presented by our university caliber students in technical aspects. These sessions are about different topics in the petroleum industry like: Field Development Plan, well intervention, will logging, fishing, well control.. Etc. It's held along the whole season and contains several competitions with remarkable rewards.

Technical Club main projects

Well Intervention Session

The session included the well intervention and workover operations and the equipment used in the heavy well intervention services such as: coiled tubing and snubbing units and the light services such as: wireline. It also included details about the small equipment used and how they were used in the workover and well intervention operations.

Reservoir Charactaristics Session

It included the fluid and rock properities going through the wettability and capillarity in detail. It summarized the wettability and capillarity curves and also included the different drive forces in the reservoir and the IPR and VLP curves shortly.

Nodal Analysis Session

It showed the importance of choosing different nodes to work on as an operating flow rate. It also included the different methods of drawing the inflow performance curves such as: vogel, standing and fetkovic. It also included the future prediction of the IPR curves and the drawing of vertical lift performance curves. It also showed the importance of changing the VLP and IPR curves to get the best operating point.

Water Flooding Session

It showed the mechanism used in water flooding showing all the details that happens underground when water displaces the oil to be produced. It also included details about the fractional flow model and other advanced models in the water flow so the optimum production of oil is obtained out of the water flooding process.