What is Skills Club?

Believing in the critical role of business skills in today professional world, SPE Suez has launched its comprehensive development project (Skills Club) with the help of its caliber leaders' experience to Prepare students for their professional future career. Skills Club consists of several programs and workshops discussing various skills through the season, such as CV writing, public speaking, graphic design, professional English.. Etc.

Skills Club main projects

Social Life Session

it was about Lifestyles and how we communicate with each other. it was included the definition of communication between us as human beings and methods to create an effective communication which capable of enabling us to achieve and co-operate in teams or groups. to sum up, there was a self-assessment application to inform everyone about the features of each person's dealings with each other and also the pros and cons of this dealing, then the ways to improve it.

Presentation Skills Session

The second session was about presentation skills and the steps to make an excellent show with the audience. The session included the steps to create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint program and appropriate font, type color and other settings within the presentation. In addition, it included some important advices to speak and attract the audience to listen attentively and carefully to the content that is displayed.

Public Speaking Session

3rd session was about how to escape from the fear of public speaking in front of an audience on the stage. in addition, it clarified the difference between public speaking and presentation skills and ways to make public speeches, body language, tonality, and eye contact. At the end of the session, there is a practical test through showing some pictures and telling audience to make a small speech about what he/she saw in this picture.

Digital marketing Session

This session was presented by a certified ambassador from google. the session included the skills needed at all Web platforms, customer engagement, in addition to the way to support entrepreneurs and investors by creating ideas that help them spread their creativity and products. The session was certified.

Presentation Tips and Tools Session

The session was about how to make a presentation by using Prezi.com, Aids, tools, tips, and FAQs, in addition to the best methods for searching, brainstorming, filtring the target content from the resources.

Body Languages Session

The session was prepared for each committee individually. it was included body language and it's secrets to make a success communicate with each other.

Graphic Design

the designing program included Photoshop tutorial. during these sessions, we focused on delivering the knowledge with applications at all terms of the program.