Our Projects

Our Main Projects

PACE is a cooperation between SPE Suez, SPE Cairo and SPE AUC student chapters. It is technically and financially supported by the most reputable oilfield companies ever. Three days of fruitful technical sessions, workshops and competitions given by the most respectable pioneers in Egypt and worldwide.

PICS is a conference of 2 days, a non-technical day and a technical one, held by SPE Suez in co-operation with SPE AUC at the American University in Cairo. PICS

SBS was first held in October 2019 with 9 panel discussion and followed by different sessions, mentoring circles and workshops which is presented by more than 65 specialists in more than 10 fields, such as marketing, sales, digital marketing, IT, freelancing, entrepreneurship, BD, Hr, photography and filmmaking, translation, career coaching and soft skills.

There is no doubt that keeping the balance between meeting the need and demand for energy and preserving the environment has become the most epic challenge in the 21th century. Therefore, the direction should go towards exploiting the clean and renewable energies and raising awareness and hence the need for "Energy4me".

It's a great project organized by our technical segment. Several sessions are presented by our university caliber students in technical aspects. These sessions are about different topics in the petroleum industry like: Field Development Plan, well intervention, will logging, fishing, well control.. Etc. It's held along the whole season and contains several competitions with remarkable rewards.

Believing in the critical role of business skills in today professional world, SPE Suez has launched its comprehensive development project (Skills Club) with the help of its caliber leaders' experience to Prepare students for their professional future career. Skills Club consists of several programs and workshops discussing various skills through the season, such as CV writing, public speaking, graphic design, professional English.. Etc.