What is Energy4me?

There is no doubt that keeping the balance between meeting the need and demand for energy and preserving the environment has become the most epic challenge in the 21th century. Therefore, the direction should go towards exploiting the clean and renewable energies and raising awareness and hence the need for "Energy4me". Energy4me is a committee in SPE, aiming to enlighten school and college students, since they represent the future, about the renewable resources of energy and spread the awareness of enivronmental preservation for a better future.

Energy4me main projects

About orphans visits

In these visits, Energy4me members visit orphans with the Extra-curricular committee, play with them, study with them, give them games and develop their soft skills.

About School visits

in Energy4me school visits, our members give students of the primary and preparatory schools presentations about renewable and non-renewable energies and how they can keep the environment from pollution and give them tips for how to invest in their soft skills such as: communication, presentation, language learning and teamwork etc. Also, we play some games with them that help them to learn faster and make experiments together so that the information they take, they never forget.

About science fair

SPE Suez Science Fair is an exhibition, held in the university by our academy members in cooperation with Energy4me members which exhibits small static and dynamic models of objects and operations that are related to petroleum engineering such as: separators, drilling bits, rig components, sucker rod model, esp model, mud quality test equipment, etc.