Our Magazines

ECHO is a technical magazine, published annually since 2009. Over these years, ECHO team of SPE Suez has always sought to provide the most valuable content to help youth in technical aspects. We always keep developing our ideas and doubling our efforts to reach a high level of professionalism. Therefore, Echo is now one of the most important publications in the Middle East, having great reputation all over the world.

Every one of us has different criteria to measure his/her success, and every single criterion matters! you have to know each one of them, open your mind to new ideas, think out of the box and be creative! Therefore, here is Criterion, our first career development magazine! To update your traits by implementing the advices and recommendations from professional managers and innovators around the globe. Through Criterion, we focused on different fields in business, science and soft skills

Ultra is a newsletter, targeting aspiring students and young professionals to keep them updated with the industry and give them motivation, inspiration, and directions for their careers. This version includes:
- An interview with one of our faculty leaders.
- A technical article from one of the previous SPE Suez leaders.
- A soft skills article.
- Current Industry News.
- other marvelous sections.