ECHO around The World

ECHO is our official technical magazine, published annually since 2009. Over these years, ECHO team of SPE Suez has always sought to provide the most valuable content to help youth in technical aspects. We always keep developing our ideas and doubling our efforts to reach a high level of professionalism. Therefore, Echo is now one of the most important publications in the Middle East, having great reputation all over the world. Our magazine consists of different sections; Foreword for the Chapter’s Chairperson and the Magazine’s CEO, Interviews with some important figures in petroleum industry, new technologies section including articles for new technologies and techniques in petroleum industry, young researchers section including researches introduced by faculty students, Industry threshold section, and finally the Chapter’s news section. ECHO magazine was introduced in many international and sub-regional conferences (IPTC 2013 in China, NATC 2012 in Egypt, NATC 2013 in Egypt, East meets west congress in Poland 2013, IPTC 2012 in Thailand, and ADIPEC 2012 Abu Dhabi UAE, ATCE 2014 in Netherland, IPTC 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, ADIPEC 2014, NATC 2015 in Egypt, ATCE 2015 in USA, ATCE 2016 in Dubai, CAPIC1 2017 in Cairo, EGYPS 2017 in Cairo, EGYPS 2018 in Cairo, PACE 2018 in Cairo, EGYPS 2019 in Cairo, and PACE 2019 in Cairo, EGYPS 2020).