What is the most beautiful learning of purposefulness, patience and perseverance of children And enjoy the system used to reach this accuracy and high recovery rate

Community awareness is an obligation for all of us to do so A group of students carried out awareness campaigns from planning to feedback, impact on society, reform, and awareness of some issues.

Helping orphaned children in many ways, including organizing a marathon to make them happy and aware of the importance of sport and sharing their happy moments.

To be with orphans not only in one day But from a sense of community responsibility Spe has several events throughout the year Including playing with kids and organizing workshops to show them some fun stuff.

With continued study and stress, SPE is used to relieve stress by doing some fun Where we receive the expected effect.

At the beginning of the season, we all need as members to meet and share the spirit and establish the principle of royalty prepare for the new season and also recognize the best members.