We do our best to ensure the quality of the services and products provided to you. not only that, But we also focus on helping you quashing your shackles and be prepared for the challenges life might throw at you

Our Vision

Our vision is empowering the students
and graduates to compete in the national and
international plenary of the challenging
oil and gas industry.

Our Mission

Bridging the gap between academic theories and their implementation practically as well as developing the students’ full skills set, their technical knowledge and their personal skills by providing more technical courses, sessions and professional technical assistance.


Our team members collaborate and work side by side to achieve the ultimate goal
of the entity through perseverance, innovative thinking, and dedication.

Youssef El-Demairy


Ahmed Tobar


SPE SU SC'22 High Board

Omnia Mahmoud

Marketing Manager

Esraa Abdelgawad

HR Manager

Mennatullah Ahmed

Development Manager

Mohammed Farouk

operation Manager

Mohammed Karam


Abdelrhman Nabil

Technical manager

Sharaf Eldeen

IT manager

Hossam Magdy


Marketing Segment

Mohamed Amr

Vice Marketing Manager

Youssef Eldemery

Social media Head

Mohamed Elhosaney

Multimedia Head

Ahmed Himdan

IT-Web Leader

Abdelrahman Shaheen


Merna Mahmoud

Offline Marketing Head

Abdelrahman Fawzy

FrontEnd Trainer

Mohamed Fathy

BackEnd Trainer

Secretary Co-ordination

Amgad Saeed


Mahmoud Ahmady

IR Head

Development Co-ordination

Yousra Abdelmoniem

HRD Head

HR Co-ordination

Mohamed Ayman

HRM Head

Operations Co-ordination

Mohamed gamal

Logistics Head

Manal Magdy

OC Head

Mai Ayman

EC Head

Technical Co-ordination

Abdelrahman Kefah

E4ME Head

Youssef Elhalfawy

Academy Head

Treasurer Co-ordination

Helal Yousry

BD Head